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Bringing voice together  – Workshop  ON-LINE  intensive

Content: This three-day intensive on-line workshop is designed to refresh and re-animate your voice: we renew and refresh our voices through body memory, imagination and our communicative presence.
It includes:
Somatic-based warm up to enervate and awaken the voice
Listening and group sensitivity
One on one exploration and development of text and song
Pathways for expanding vocal quality, timbre and dynamics
Date: 11,12,13 June 2021.
Place: Online
Cost:  € 200 or $265 ( includes commissions in Italy)
Participants: min. 6/max. 8
Directed by Kevin Crawford, assisted by Caroline Boersma
Inscription: please send a short email to the following address kevincrawfordvoice@gmail.com expressing your wish to participate. You will then be send an inscription form and a request to pay a deposit of €50 to secure your place. This will be refunded in case the workshop does not take place.
For any further information about the workshop: http://www.kevincrawfordvoice.com/
For more information on Caroline Boersma see jouwstem-mijncello.nl/yourvoice-mycello/

Workshop: Getting to know your voice

Content: Your voice resonates with the vibrations of my cello, your partner in the search for your own unique voice.
Date: Summer 2021
Duration: 2,5 hour
Time: 11.30-14.00
Location: tbd Italy
Cost: € 45 p/p (incl. vat)
Participants: min. 6 – max. 10
Teacher: Caroline Boersma
Registration: register for the workshop via this contactformulier or send an e-mail to contact@jouwstem-mijncello.nl.

Workshop: Word and Music meet

Content: Using guided improvisations we explore the power of sound in both song and text in order to tease out fresh insights and interpretations.
Date: Summer 2021 tbd
Duration: 6 uur total
Time: 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00
Location: Italy tbd
Cost: tbd (incl. vat)
Participants: min. 8 – max. 12
Teacher: Caroline Boersma & Kevin Crawford
Registration: register for the workshop via this contactformulier or send an e-mail to contact@jouwstem-mijncello.nl.

Workshop: From the Voice to the Word through Sound

Content: This workshop opens pathways to embodying text and finding the journey from sound to word through musicality and listening. Morning warm ups followed by intensive small group sessions are an in-depth preparation, that sensitizes us to the alchemical bridge between the vocal and the verbal, the imagination and the sound. Afternoon ateliers give full rein to the material we have drawn up and offer us opportunities to expand our presence vocally, verbally and musically.
Date: 21-26 September 2021
Duration:  36 hours total
Time: 9-13 / 14.30-16.30
Location: Chateau de Malérargues F-30140 Thoiras, France (map)
Participants: min.8 – max.12
Teacher : Kevin Crawford with Caroline Boersma
Open to all: no prior musical knowledge required