Agenda workshops

An intensive seminar of Research and Creation

Sponsored by the Roy Hart Centre, in partnership with the Compagnie imagi_nation,
the association Pivoine, and La Régie de coordination de Lasalle (France):

                      What can classical music offer to Roy Hart Theatre? and vice versa… !

Dates: 24-29 October 2023
Content: An experimental project on Handel’s English baroque opera “Acis and Galatea”, which we hope will eventually lead to a production in the spirit of the Roy Hart Theatre. We will explore the beautiful and varied choruses of this opera, with an emphasis on vocal and theatrical expression.
We aim:
– To explore the concept of rhetoric: a vital element in baroque music, which perfectly links music and theatre.
– To explore the notion of ensemble work: how can a group of individuals form a cohesive choir with a common ear and a united expression?
– To work on the way the choir articulates the text so that each word and each note can find its correct vibration.
– To interpret Handel’s music in a way that allows maximum expression, without losing the meaning of the original score.
“The most important task of a musician is, like that of an actor, to give life to what is written on the page…”
Where: La Filature du Pont de fer, Lasalle 30600 France
Timetable: to be decided
 35 hours over 6 days
Participants: 12 max
Cost: 300 euro (excluding accommodation and meals). If you have access to financial help from your own country, contact us.
The work will be accompanied and directed by four professional actor/musicians, all with extensive
experience in the vocal research of Roy Hart Theatre at Malérargues:
Ian Magilton, Theatre director and voice teacher
Stephen Rivers-Moore, baroque musician and choir director
Sašo Vollmaier, pianist and voice teacher
Caroline Boersma, baroque musician and voice teacher
– The ability to read music and a solid experience in choral singing are highly desirable.
– Potential candidates for the project will undergo a selection process (which could, for example, consist of sending audio or visual recordings of themselves singing a classical air of their choice).
– The selected candidates will receive their Handel scores well in advance, and by the time of the
workshop they will have already done the individual preparatory work necessary to be ready to sing them.
Registration: If you wish to send in an application for the workshop (or if you require more information), please contact us at: