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Workshop: A Protean Voice – Finding form in Text and Song
with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma
Teatro Nunc Via Dante 82 Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Tuscany, Italy
Date: 18-21 August 2022
Content: This intensive workshop is a rare opportunity to engage with Kevin Crawford and Caroline Boersma on a profound journey through your own voice and its protean expressiveness. Over the four days of the workshop we will propose several entry points into the very fabric of your voices and from this fabric will emerge form, in text, song, improvisatory sounding. Our aim is not to fix a definitive interpretation but rather to open up new perspectives and favour our skills in metamorphosis: subtle shading and dynamic shifts.
Open to all. No prior musical knowledge required. Some experience with the Roy Hart or equivalent traditions may be beneficial.
If you are interested in participating please write to kevincrawfordvoice@gmail.com with a short CV and letter of motivation.
18th August 15-19pm, 19/20 August 10-13am & 14:0-17:30pm, 21st August 10am-14pm
Total: 20 hours
Participants: min 6 – max 10
200 euro + 10 euro membership  Nunc
Inscription: carolineaboersma@gmail.com
The current covid rules applicable will be observed during the workshop