Voice and cello workshops

In these workshops we pay attention to:

Finding your own sound
Would you like to do more with your voice and experiment with it?
Would you like to make your own voice resonate and develop it further?
A surprising and innovative way to improve your vocal use, where the cello is your partner in finding your unique sound.”

Singing together
You really wish to sing but you’ve heard your whole life people saying that you can’t?
You want to sing a song at a wedding but you don’t dare?
You sing an aria in a theatre show, but you want to feel more secure?
You wish to develop your singing and/or speaking voice?
Anyone can sing: the sound of my cello activates your voice and your musical feeling, we find your story in a song and the music in your words“.

You have to speak often in public, but your voice feels weak?
Or you forget to breathe?
My cello and I will help you feel more secure with voice and breathing“.

Would you like to share your voice in this way with others?
Then sign up for a workshop: upcoming-events

Individual sessions
Would you prefer an individual session(s)?
Then please contact me or send an e-mail to: contact@jouwstem-mijncello.nl
If you sign up for 4 sessions your first session is free of charge.

On the page how I work  you can read more about my workshops

photo credit Anna Heikinnen
jouwstem-mijncello workshop